lullaby: an offering / a cleansing / a blessing


photo credit: Christopher Melton

lullaby: an offering / a cleansing / a blessing by lisa nevada

~ FRI thru MON, November 1st – 4th ~
3pm & 7pm daily
$10 DonationOnline or at the door

in alignment with Brooklyn Studios for Dance (BkSD) to cultivate peace and calm as the season comes to a close, lisa nevada will thoughtfully traverse the indoor and outdoor space of BkSD where she will move, sound, and sing an offering of gratitude, a cleansing to restore balance, and a blessing in the form of a migrating lullaby.  the lullaby cycle and repetitive nature of the offering/cleansing/blessing is intended to allow for a departure of the space with good intentions and joy.

guided by the space and grounds of the building and the wisdom and teachings of the great Ancestors, nevada’s migrating lullaby will incorporate movement and directions pulled from her most recent Earth score “moving moments with mama earth”.  as a lullaby is intended to calm and quiet with its modulation and repetitiveness, they are typically also meant to pass down cultural knowledge and tradition.  with this in mind, nevada hopes to conjure the joy and community cultivated by the presence and programming of BkSD over its many years in operation.

waiting for humanity_song_Christopher Melton