an advocate for our earth mother, a dancemaker, collaborator, and educator. Nuevoméxico is where lisa nevada spent the majority of her life, but over the last several years she has followed a migration route that has placed her in an area of Lenape territory more commonly known as Brooklyn, NY. her practice allows her to meet, listen, learn, and experience an array of lands, humans, and animals.  these encounters lead to creations of performance, education, and events that highlight our innate relationship to land, waters, and animals. lisa facilitates movement experiences to engage all peoples in the observation of natural ecosystems and our human interactions to ignite kinship with mama earth, centered on gratitude.  her embodied research delves into the sonic realms of lullaby and wailing in response to humanity’s active destruction of psyche and home.

lisa is the Special Projects Coordinator and an Ensemble member with Dancing Legacy, a performing and teaching ensemble committed to enabling individuals to appreciate and participate in the rich dance heritage of the United States.  she is an active member of Hungry Mothers, a trans-disciplinary collective developing modes of artistic practice that center remedial relations with Earth’s land & waters in envisioning a future of collective liberation.  recent projects with HM include Hungry Mothers en la Frontera (december 2019) and contributions to HM’s Field Guide collaboration with LOAM Magazine titled Flood Drafts (summer 2020). 

lisa received her MFA in Dance from the University of New Mexico with concentrations in land-based choreography and performance, embodied dance history, and teaching.  in 2015 SHIFT | DANCE was founded and launched by Jacqueline García, Kelsey Paschich, and lisa nevada.  the trio also instigated SHIFT DANCE | FESTIVAL, one of the only annual dance festivals in Albuquerque, NM to present contemporary, research-based, and experimental dance forms from artists across the nation.

as an independent artist, lisa has performed the choreography of  Kristy Janvier, Jacqueline M. García, Kelsey Paschich, Erika Pujič, Donna Jewell, Rulan Tangen, Danny Grossman, David Parsons, Robert Battle, Donald McKayle, Jose Limón, Martha Graham, Anna Sokolow, Bill Evans, Vladimir Conde Reche, Jessica Miller-Tomlinson, among others.  from 2006-2017 lisa was a core member of Ecotone Physical Theatre, a performance ensemble with a mission to mine the veins of improvisation: sonic, kinesthetic, textual, visual.