on a deeper note

on identity

i have a unique relationship to identity: i was adopted in southern New Mexico, near the borderlands, and was raised in Pueblo Territory, more specifically Albuquerque.  i do not have a formal affiliation to one Nation or Tribe, the only link i have to my Indigeneity is through ongoing DNA research that locates my roots of origin between México and north america.  as i continue my journey of research and discovery surrounding my adoption, i am proud to embody and practice the teachings from my homeland, my Walatowa (Pueblo of Jemez) family and the visions passed down to me from the Ancestors i have only greeted in my dreams.


my research continues this fall as i travel to the borderlands in november to uncover my place of birth and the heritage that courses through my body. perhaps i will meet siblings and relatives. perhaps there will be a celebration. perhaps that will not be an option. perhaps information will emerge that i am not ready for. regardless of all the questions and unknowns and a near lifetime without this knowledge, i am absolutely ready.