lisa nevada is currently based in Lenapehoking/Canarsie (new york/brooklyn) in Lenni Lenape Territory.  she considers herself a naturalist, first, a movement and dance-maker, a collaborator and enthusiastic educator. through these various practices, lisa is gifted opportunities to meet, see, learn, and witness an array of humans and more-than-human kin.  her encounters with both help feed her desire to create movement offerings that highlight our innate relationship to place/Earth, and an urgent commitment to the health and restoration of plants & trees, soil, water and animals.  through dance and voice, lisa aims to expose participants to a vocabulary of work that awakens meaningful reflection and imparts deep curiosity and care for Mama Earth.

lisa is guided by the practices and teachings of her homeland – Pueblo Territory (also known as albuquerque) – her family in Jemez Pueblo, and the Ancestors she has only ever greeted in her dreams.  she is frustrated and fascinated by environmental/social engagement, modern dance techniques, improvisation, theatre, and vocal-practices.  in 2017, lisa was invited to speak at the Decolonizing Nature: Resistance, Resilience, Revitalization conference to discuss her nature-based work Golden Migration (2016), performed at Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge.  she has been commissioned by galleries, theatre & dance makers, as well as music symposiums throughout the u.s.

lisa is a part of the Leadership Network for Repertory Etudes Project (REP) and a member of their Dancing Legacy performance company.  she received her MFA from the university of new mexico in 2015.  alongside Jacqueline García and Kelsey Paschich, lisa launched SHIFT | DANCE, an albuquerque-based presenting platform and choreographic incubator for the resident choreographers.  the trio also  instigated SHIFT DANCE | FESTIVAL,  an annual dance festival presenting a range of contemporary, research-based and experimental dance artists from around the u.s.

in addition to making dances, lisa performs in a select number of her choreographies and has performed the choreography of Donna Jewell, Jacqueline M. García, Erika Pujič, Rulan Tangen, Martha Graham, Bill Evans, Vladimir Conde Reche, among others.  as a member of Dancing Legacy, lisa has performed RepertoryEtudes and works of Anna Sokolow, David Parsons, Robert Battle, Donald McKayle, Jose Limón, and Danny Grossman.